20 things about me

Written By Burd Life - April 24 2017


Aryn Baker
April 25 2017

Loved getting to know you and the meaning behind Burd!

April 25 2017

So good to get to know you a bit better, Natasha! And the photos are stunning :)

April 25 2017

I miss u n loved reading it every bit if it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ U will always rock I know ???I believe in it totally ? Point 16 school times so true lol huggg

April 25 2017

You look absolutely incredible in that dress! I love these edits – so light, bright and crisp! So beautiful!

Molly Ho
April 24 2017

Yay – I love storytelling too! It’s one of my favorite activities. :)

Bre Paulson
April 24 2017

I can totally relate to #5. I always have a MILLION projects going at once. Although, I am pretty stubborn about following through on all of them so I have that going for me lol

April 24 2017

What a great post! The shots of you are GORGEOUS!!!

April 24 2017

Yes to the white wardrobe! It’s so clean and crisp!

Elizabeth Weitz
April 24 2017

Your personality leaps of these images! I love your post and your dress is amazing! Congrats on your new blog post!

April 24 2017

Great to “meet” you and thanks for sharing!

April 24 2017

You are truly one-of-a-kind! I am so proud of you for writing this blog despite your nervousness, but clearly, you aim to accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to. Also, your laugh is NOT obnoxious… it’s contagious! Thank for always making the rest of laugh. :-) Something about me… Like you, I strive to always be as positive as possible, no matter the situation. Congrats to you for everything you’ve done with BURDLIFE. Looking forward to reading more about your journey.

April 24 2017

Great read and i can attest to all the points, and 1 thing i think you should know about me is that i can edit a lot better now ?
Keep living the BURDLIFE ??

Jennifer Castaneda
April 24 2017

Absolutely love this blog

Shehzad B.
April 24 2017

If you would have asked me nicely, I would have written these for you…..and many more…

April 24 2017

Really enjoyed this and love the jewelry from Burdlife!! You’re doing an amazing job so keep up the good work!! I am looking forward to future blog posts from you.

Anusha Dadwani
April 24 2017

I am sooo proud of you for writing this blog and sharing a little bit about yourself to all the burdies out there.
Everything you said about yourself is so true, from you laugh to being so positive that it is actually quite annoying :p.
Keep writing and sharing your journey about BurdLife, hope your wings soar through the sky.
I love you ?

April 24 2017

Amazing blog! Loved reading it and can’t wait to read more of your blogs :) You are really talented at what you do and your hard work and dedication is an inspiration to many people. You are a great example of proving to many young women that anything is possible if you truly believe in it and if you put your mind and heart to it. I truly admire you for that.
Something about me…I LOVE to travel and learn new things and just like you I’m very adventurous and I believe that life is an adventure so we must seek out and endure in every adventure that comes our way because that’s how we learn best to appreciate what a blessing our life truly is :)
Wish you all the best! Love you and your work ❤

Marium Malik
April 24 2017

Amazing blog post Natasha!!!, you sound like the same old Natasha I met more than a decade ago, only difference..you are more determined then ever. I am so happy for you! Goodluck with the blog and more power to you ?

April 24 2017

<3 Great Blog!! Will definitely look forward to reading more from you and about you! You did an amazing work with Burdlife, So proud of you. I know you have inspired a lot of young girls. Good luck with everything you do! :)

Tanya Rehmtullah
April 24 2017

Agreed with every thing you said about yourself Natasha. You are real and genuine and truly an awesome friend to have! Something about me…I don’t like to be around negative people either or fake personalities therefore I think that is why you and I carry on a wonderful friendship. Goodluck with the blog and I hope to read more! xoxo

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