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55000 - 70000 usd / year
Full time

Marketing Manager:

BURDLIFE is a fast-growing jewelry company based in Houston, TX and expanding nationally. We feel jewelry should make people happy without breaking the bank. We also believe that should be done without compromising on the quality. We offer Ear Piercings and started Permanent Jewelry trend that has gone viral all over the internet.

Our vision is to create a team that is enthusiastic and eager to learn more and grow within the company. Individuals that are confident and think outside of the box. A marketing manager will be innovative and lead a team to express themselves and create original authentic projects. We believe we aren’t in the business to sell jewelry, but to connect with our customers to create pieces that will be their family heirlooms. These pieces they will pass down to the next generation and have stories attached to them.

Who You’ll Be Working With

Hi, my name is Natasha Dadwani, and I am the founder/owner and designer of BURDLIFE Jewelry. I started BURDLIFE in 2015 to bring a bit of my background tied in with good quality hypoallergenic and nickel free jewelry. I am born and raised in Pakistan and moved to the US in 2009. I love jewelry and love what I do. I am looking for individuals who are passionate about marketing and creating good quality content and bring unique and over the top ideas to stand out in this market. We aren’t following trends here we are creating trends. If you are a go getter and know you can help us grow, then apply to be part of the BURD team. I have crazy big ideas I need the Lead of Marketing Team who will help me execute them and make them come to life.

The Role

As a Marketing Manager you will be leading a creative team with your expertise in all aspects of Social Media and Campaigns. Your passion for attention to detail and come up with unique ideas and know how to implement them with strict deadlines is crucial to this role. Being well connected in the industry and have an impressive portfolio to successfully leading the team is very important. You are a deep thinker who enjoys brainstorming with others and not afraid to pivot to making sure the deadline is met without compromising the vision and authenticity of the campaign. You will be collaborating with me daily and your fellow team members that will include Graphic Designers, Videographers, Content Creators, etc. You will also have a good understanding on SEO and thoroughly knowledgeable in analytics and conversion rates. You also love traveling and easy to make connections and media outreach. You are a people person and a go-getter.

Who Are You

  • Analytical Thinking + Innovative
  • Active Learning + Learning Strategies
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Leadership & Social Influencer
  • Self Management
  • Technology use + Development
  • Working with people and Collaborative
  • Technology Motivative + Control
  • Technology Design + Programing
  • Resilience, Stress Tolerance and Flexibility
  • Reasoning and Problem Solving


  •   3+ years of experience in Marketing Management
  •   Jewelry or fashion industry
  •   An impressive and extensive portfolio
  •   Ability to travel and re-locate if needed
  •   Excellent industry contacts and connections

What You’ll Do

  • Collaborate with marketing team members on campaigns and new launches
  • Excellent knowledge in SEO and analytics
  • Great and positive communication skills
  • Translate and execute ideas from Vision Board to IRL
  • Great contacts and connections with photographers and videographers
  • Outreach to influencers and local charities
  • Lead photoshoots and campaigns
  • Attention to detail and an eye to catch any errors
  • Organize Community Events and Pop-ups all over the US.
  • Fundraising + Awareness Events
  • Launch Events
  • Ability to think creatively and innovatively
  • Analytical Skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
  • In-dept knowledge of latest trends, technologies and methodologies in graphic, web design and production.


Houston and/or Austin, TX


  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Bonuses
  • Travel Expenses



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